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Soft Skills Training in Mumbai

Soft Skills are always mandatory for each employee to perform best than the better in the organization. As each employee is the brand ambassador of the organization:

The goal of an organization is to increase the revenue & expansion only through recruiting the candidates However, the candidates can perform best by following some ethics in the form of Soft skill training.

We conduct training with the following topics, that would help you to build positive result for future growth & expansion for the same.

1. Communication Skills
2. Business Etiquettes
3. Time Management
4. Presentation Skills
5. Listening Skills
6. Interpersonal Skills
7. Health and Hygiene
8. Leadership
9. Body Language

Communication Skills
Communication plays an important role in the every stages of life irrespective of Personal OR Professional life.

Communication means the thoughts shared between 2 or more people by using common language or sign in the form of communicating OR listening skill, we need to follow some basic skills . With the help of these skills one can able to generate the effective results

Business Etiquettes
In Business Etiquettes there are few skills which will help the employee to deliver best as a person. We will cover the topics on What’s app, Email, telephone etiquette, voice modules and so on.

Time Management
Time plays major role in everyone’s life. In this area, topic will be covered on Proper utilization of tym, prioritizing of work through effectively & customizing and much more through practical session.

Presentation Skills
Presentation itself means Presenting . This is a vast area of learning & enhancing the knowledge by following the some basic skills. One of the most important skill is “ A Confident Smile”.

Listening Skills
Listening is a an important skill. A good listener always be on the top of the listing. In this skill, we will cover the topic on listening skill, way of responding skill & so on.

Interpersonal Skills
Every Individual is a unique on this planet such as we have 5 fingers and all are not same. Everyone’s has own talent with conventional power but many couldn’t able to develop. Hence, we will discuss through practical session how to develop it.

Health and Hygiene
Good health means strong body, strong body carries positive attitude and positive attitude enhance positive results. So it is important to maintain our health by exercising, yoga and meditation.
Hygiene will keep you healthy and strong. Hygiene covers neatness and cleanliness for yourself as well as for your surroundings.

Everyone is a leader with leadership quality due to lack of confidence, poor communication skill & lack of courage to lead the leadership & as on. However, we will train on the important & necessary qualities through the session.

Body Language
Body Language is one of the most important skill in the every stages. It is the way how to carry yourself entirely. It includes the walking, standing , sitting posture & dressing sense. Ultimately, this will help an Individual to improve overall.

Personality Development
Personality development is a huge area. Personality can be measured interms of way of communication, confidence, dressing sense, way of listening, writing skills and many more. Here, we will cover most of the important things in the training which will help to enhance personality for the long run by following into daily practice. As always said “ Practice Makes Man Perfect “.

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